1/2"-4" Quad Rail Heavy Duty Hot Tapping Machine


Quad Rail Heavy Duty Hot Tap Machine 400 psi @ 100 deg F. our Design eliminates any twisting or flexing under extreme hot taps. Allows the user to install the Dewalt drive motor 4 different directions depending on the space or location of the hot tap! Also allows for safe retracting of the boring bar under pressure! Heavy Duty Dewalt drive motor with bind up technology allows for more cutting power and safer hot taps combined to make this machine the most reliable Hot tap Machine on the market today! Quad locking clamps ensures safe operation of the machine under high pressure hot taps by Safely retracting the boring bar with the feed screw under pressure! Both the feed screw and the drive motor have locking clamps for safety. Different length Quad rails give the machine the ability to perform hot taps in tight locations.

3/4"-4" Hot Tapping Machine Kit Includes:
1- Quad rail rail machine
1- Dewalt heavy Duty Electric Drive motor w/ bind up control
1- STD Packing: 400 psi @ 100 deg F or 250 Deg F @ 200 psi.
1- 18" boring bar for 3/4"- 1 1/4" taps
1- 18" boring bar for 1 1/2"-2" taps
1- 24" boring bar for 2"-4"" taps
1- 30" boring bar for 3"-6" taps
1- 1" Threaded IP Adaptor
1- 1.5" Threaded IP Adaptor
1- 2" Threaded IP Adaptor
1- 2.5" threaded IP Adaptor
1- 3" Threaded IP adaptor
1- 4" flanged 150 lb ANSI  Adaptor
1- 1/4" ball valve
1- 1/4" nipple
2- 1/4" pilot drills w/ retention wire
2- 3/8" pilot drills w/ retention wire
2 spools of retention wire
1- steel carry box
1- owners manual
1- gfi plug
1- 11/16 holesaw
1- 7/8" holesaw
1- 1 1/8" holesaw
1- 1 3/8" holesaw
1- 1 7/8" holesaw
1- 2 3/8" holesaw
1- 2 7/8" holesaw
1- 3 1/2" holesaw

This Hot Tap machine can be upgraded to perform 5" & 6" hot taps as well as installing Thermal wells! Please inquire about the upgraded package for details & Pricing!!

Quad Rail Hot Tap Machine can perform hot taps on the following pipes and products in the pipelines as long as they stay within the pressure ratings of our equipment!

Asbestos-Cement Pipeline
Transite Pipeline
A/C Pipeline
Stainless Steel Pipeline
Steel Cylinder Pipeline
Carbon Steel Pipeline
Ductile Iron Pipeline
Cast Iron Pipeline
CMLC Pipeline
Concrete Morter Lined Pipe
Copper Pipeline
PVC Pipeline
Plastic pipeline
Polyethylene Pipeline
Fiberglass Pipeline
Concrete Walls
Steel Plate applications
All pipeline's above or below ground!

1- high temp packing rated for 500 deg. @ 200 psi
Shorter guide rails to perform taps in tighter confined areas. Please specify lengths.

1/2" - 4" 150lb. Quad Rail Hot Tappin Machine Side Vie

1/2" - 4" 150lb. Quad Rail Hot Tappin Machine Top View
Products in the pipeline our Quad Rail Hot Tap machine can handle.
Diesel fuel
Aviation fuel
Crude Oil
Aviation fuel
Waste water
Natural Gas
Reclaimed Water
Potable Water
Domestic Water
Raw Sewage
Steam & high pressure steam
Chilled Water
Heating Hot Water
and many other applications!

Total: $5,995.00 + Shipping

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High temp packing is good for 500 deg F @ 300 psi $355.65ea. High Temp packing


1" IP thread male adaptor

$152.95ea. IP Threaded Male Adaptors
1 1/2" IP thread male adaptor $152.95ea.
2" IP thread male adaptor $152.95ea.
2 1/2" IP thread male adaptor $189.95ea.
3" IP thread male adaptor $293.65ea.
4" ANSI 150 lb flanged adaptor $293.00ea.
6" ANSI 150 lb Flanged adaptor $395.00ea.

Pilot Drill Bits

    1/2"-6" Pilot Drill Shafts and Tips with Retention Wire
1/4"x 4"Pilot drill bits w/ retention wire
Retainer Wire Install Demo Video
$ 18.50ea.
3/8"x 5" Pilot drill bits w/ retention wire
Retainer Wire Install Demo Video
$ 46.95ea.


    Brass Packing with O-rings

Brass packing w/ orings

Packing assembly  $209.50ea. Packing Assembly

Boring Bars

    Hot Tapping Machine Boring Bars

18" Boring bar for 3/4"-1 1/8" taps (small threads) accepts 1/4" pilot drill

18" Boring bar 5/8"-18 threads accepts 3/8" pilot drill $165.00ea.
24" Boring bar 5/8"-18 threads accepts 3/8" pilot drill $195.00ea.
30" Boring bar 5/8"-18 threads accepts 3/8" pilot drill $195.00ea.


    Boring bar mandrels for holesaw
Boring bar mandrels for holesaw 5/8"-18 thread $89.65ea.


Extension wrench is designed for installing or chucking the boring into the drive motor with ease outside of the rails! makes for alot quicker hot tap! $40.00ea. Boring bar mandrels for holesaw

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